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Homework 4: Sprint 2

100 points
Due on Gradescope Thursday, February 29, 2023 11:59pm
This homework is to be done and submitted as a team.
A portion of this assignment will be graded for you individually and the other portion will be graded for your team as a whole.

Learning Goals

In completing this assignment, you will develop the skills needed to:

  • Use appropriate technology to build your MVP.
  • Select and measure appropriate indicators that will help you evaluate viability.
  • Present your software to stakeholders.

Homework Tasks

In this homework, you will conduct your second two-week sprint with your team to complete a presentable, Minimal Viable Product (MVP) for the Dronut Application.

MVP Deployment

Your team should spend the majority of this sprint finishing your MVP and deploying it on Render.

Checkpoint Meetings (Feb 26 - Feb 27)

During the week of Feb 26, we require that every team visit during a series of open sessions/hours so the TAs can take a look at your team's work. This is to make sure that all teams make constant steady progress towards their MVP.

Sign up for your time slot on this Google Sheet.

When you visit, please show the following:

  1. Prototyped frontend. Have some version of your frontend ready to show, whether that be a simple static layout of your app’s elements, or a fully dynamic and interactive frontend application.
  2. Functional backend. Have a (near) complete set of backend endpoints to demonstrate.
  3. List of remaining tasks. Please walk the TAs through what your team still needs to complete for the MVP deliverable.

It is not necessary for all team members to come to the check-in; however, having members for each component of the project (i.e., frontend, backend) present will help you explain your work to the TAs and receive better feedback.

The objective of these meetings is not to assess or determine grades, but rather to help students ship a great MVP on time. As such, please visit us during these sessions and/or during Office Hours as soon as possible to make sure your team is on track!

Demonstration of Individual Actions

All team members should be making pull requests (PRs) when adding/pushing new code. As you progress toward your MVP, every individual team member should have a

  • Pull Request merged with at least one +1 from a reviewer.
  • Add at least one constructive comment on another team member’s Pull Request.

We will visit your GitHub repo to check that these have occurred with timestamps prior to the assignment deadline of Feb 28. If GitHub fails to show any evidence of your work, you will lose points from the individual portion of your grade.

Final Team Deliverables

  1. A short (approximately 1 page) writeup.

    • Document all changes you have made since your initial plan (backlog) regarding the Minimal feature set you’ve implemented, with a brief justification. If you made no changes, simply say so in one sentence.
    • Document all of the ways your MVP allows you to assess or measure Viability (e.g., via collecting of metrics).
  2. Video MVP Walkthrough - Your team should submit a video walkthrough of your prototype:

    • Each team member should present a single user story (e.g., selecting donuts from the menu, completing a transaction, fulfilling an order, marking it for delivery, etc).
    • Your walkthrough should focus on explaining how the software is to be used from a user-perspective. Take for example, this video walkthrough of how to use Gmail, or the Dropbox video we discussed in class.
    • There are a lot of tools which you can use to prepare your demo video. Choose the one you’re most comfortable with. We recommend Loom, a Chrome extension which allows you to easily record a screen grab along with narration. Another good one is Quicktime Player if you work on a MacBook.
    • Once you've created your video, upload it to YouTube and make a note of the URL.

Submit both your writeup and URL to your walkthrough video to Gradescope.