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Homework 1: Requirements and User Stories

50 points
Due on Gradescope Thursday, January 25, 2023 11:59pm
This homework is to be done individually.


Submit this assignment as a PDF file to Gradescope. If you prepare the response in some other software (like Word), please export as PDF before submitting. Include your name and Andrew ID at the top of the document.

In this homework, you will familiarize yourself with the Dronuts project startup idea and then practice refining a vague, high-level idea into user stories.


Learning Goals

The learning goals of this assignment are that, once completing it, you will be able to:

  • Refine high-level requirements into high-quality user stories.
  • Justify a prioritization of user stories.


Your task this week is to develop high-quality user stories for the Dronuts startup that you will (in next week’s assignment) select for the backlog of features to create for your MVP. This includes the following tasks:

  • Visit Dronuts and familiarize yourself with the startup idea.
  • Distill the Dronuts startup idea into a set of key user stories for the initial product. This set should be concise, but it need not be perfectly minimal.
  • (As context, in the next homework you will combine these user stories with your teammates’, and select those to put into your backlog as part of your MVP.)
  • Rank the user stories in terms of their importance to your efforts to produce an MVP.


You will submit this assignment via gradescope, Homework 1.

  • 5-10 user stories describing the Dronuts idea. Write the user story using the "Card, Conversation, Confirmation" approach discussed in class and recitation (and described in Jeffries' blog, above). For each user story, write the card, some details as conversation and acceptance test as confirmation. Keep them as brief as possible! Longer is not always better...

  • A ranking of those user stories from most to least important, and a one-sentence justification for

  • the single most important user story and

  • the single least important in your list.


This homework is worth 50 points. To receive full credit, you must

  1. adhere to the submission instructions, above and
  2. provide 5-10 user stories that follow the INVEST principle, properly adhering to the "CCC" (Card, Conversation, and Confirmation) format discussed.