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DroneTech API

The DroneTech API allows you to control a fleet of drones and send them to locations. This is not a friendly platform, but that's life.

  1. Your company has ownership of a fleet of drones controlled by the DroneTech API, called an airbase. You can get the status of this airbase using the /airbase/{company_name} endpoint, which will list all of the drones available to you.

Any company name will return drone data. For example, if you curl or GET, it will return:

  "id": "thedronecompany",
  "location": {
    "lat": 40.44394444,
    "lng": -79.94444444
  "drones": [

Make sure you run this API call first.

  1. You can get the status of a drone using the /drones/{id} endpoint. It will include information about battery capacity, location, and delivery status.

  2. You can send drones out on delivery using the /drones/{id}/send PUT endpoint.

The DroneAPI is accessible at The API explorer is accessible at

Here's a video walkthrough explaining the API:

The status of both the CommerceFriend and DroneTech API servers can be found on this status page.