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Recitation 4: Testing + Git Flow

Staff Overview

Git Flow

Git Operations

  • Clone - Copies a repository from a remote source to your local machine
  • Checkout - Switches between different branches
  • Add - Stages changes in the working directory
  • Commit - Records changes to the repository
  • Push - Uploads local repository changes to a remote repository
  • Pull - Fetches changes from a remote repository and merges them into the local branch
  • Merge - Combines changes from different branches into the current branch




  • JavaScript testing framework developed by Facebook
  • Great for testing both backend and frontend
  • Built-in assertion libraries and mocking functionalities
  • Easy to use!


  • Routes:

    • Test routes behave as expected
    • Response status
    • Response data
    • Works with database as expected (GET, PUT, POST, DELETE calls)
  • Database:

    • Test database behaves as expected
    • Add data to database
    • Update data in database
    • Delete data in database


  • Components
    • Test if components appear
    • Test if props are as expected
  • Functionalities
    • Buttons and client interactions perform/update UI as expected

Let's try it out!

  • Clone either the MongoDB or Postgres reference solution
  • cd into a directory with cd client or server
  • Run npm install --legacy-peer-deps in command line
  • Run npm test in command line