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Final Project: Team Sprint 2

100 points
Group assignment is due on Gradescope Thursday, April 18, 2024 11:59pm
This homework is to be done and submitted as a team.
A portion of this assignment will be graded for you individually and the other portion will be graded for your team as a whole.

Learning Goals

After several weeks of work, your investors want to see some progress on the product they poured their money into. They have your initial proposed timeline and user stories that you promised to deliver in FP1. Now is the time you show them how much progress you have made on an MVP and how awesome you're team is!

Task Management

We expect you to make proper use of your Kanban board, especially when assigning tasks to (all) team members. Your board should also demonstrate your current progress on the user stories, identify completed stories, and indicate which stories are done and have been merged into the main branch.

For each story that has been started, there should be a work in progress (WIP) pull request (PR) open with a title that ties it to the story in the backlog. This PR should be opened when the task is started, not when the work is done. Name the new PR "WIP: some-feature-here" and code can then be committed to that PR until the task is done. When the WIP PR is ready for review, simply remove the “WIP” from the PR title, and comment in the PR @-mentioning specific team members to review it.

If your team has pivoted your project idea, you must reflect this on your project homepage/landing page (see FP1) and your Kanban board. Mark all old user stories as IRRELEVANT or WONTDO (or some other adjective that implies that you're no longer working on them). Be sure to create user stories to completely describe the new MVP you plan to build.

Weekly Check-ins

You will start having weekly check-ins with your TAs during their office hours (check the calendar online). During check-ins, keep a running document (Google Docs) of the things that were discussed with the TAs as well as a very brief summary of what was done after that meeting to address the feedback you received.

Check-ins will be part of your grade!

In-progress MVP video walkthrough

Your team should submit a video walkthrough of your prototype thus far: - Each team member should present a single user story, even if it is still a work in progress.

  • Your walkthrough should focus on explaining how the software is to be used from a user perspective, similar to assignment 4.

  • There are a lot of tools that you can use to prepare your demo video. Choose the one you’re most comfortable with. We recommend Loom, a Chrome extension that allows you to easily record a screen grab along with narration. Another good one is Quicktime Player if you work on a MacBook.

  • Once you've created your video, upload it to YouTube and make a note of the URL in your submission.

Team Deliverables

  • Task Management (50 points) - Submit the URL to your team's Kanban board.
  • 1-2 check-ins over this Sprint (10 points)
  • In-progress MVP video walkthrough (40 points)

Submit your Kanban board and in-progress walkthrough video URLs to Gradescope.

Demonstration of Individual Actions

All team members should be making pull requests (PRs) when adding/pushing new code. As you progress toward your MVP, every individual team member should have a

  • At least 2 PRs merged with at least one +1 from a reviewer on each.

    Note: Break up your PRs, separated by feature/story!

  • At least 2 constructive comments on other team member’s PRs (2 separate PRs).

We will visit your GitHub repo to check that these have occurred with timestamps before the assignment deadline of April 18th. If GitHub fails to show any evidence of your work, you will lose points from the individual portion of your grade.